The Glazer Pelvic Floor Muscle Home Training Program

Consists of:

  • A surface electromyograph home trainer (UControl)
  • A single user vaginal electromyographic sensor
  • A package of 100 unigel ground leads
  • A DVD

1. discussing vulvovaginal pain syndromes including demonstration of the specific use of the equipment.
2. the complete manuscript of The Vulvodynia Survival Guide, Dr. Glazer’s book
3. audio tracks of muscle and thought relaxation exercises.

  • An evaluation and equipment setup consultation for prescription of home based treatment conducted by Dr. Glazer via videoconference.

$695.00 / Plus S&H
A $1050.00 Value
You Save $355, That’s a 35% Discount

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It is important for patients and professionals to recognize that this does not take the place of a professional in-office evaluation by a knowledgeable practitioner. There has been no data collected to indicate that totally self-directed home training is beneficial. Our offering this package is an attempt to meet the needs of those unable to receive professional biofeedback services locally and to collect data to determine therapeutic efficacy for this home training package.