Biofeedback for Vulvar Pain in Poland – An interview with Dr. Howard Glazer, July 2008

Self Magazine Article an article concerning Dr Glazer’s work with biofeedback that appeared in Self Magazine December 1997

Biofeedback and Vulvovaginal Pain a summary of a Lecture by Dr. Glazer, is reprinted from the Fall, 1997 issue of the NVA News published by the National Vulvodynia Association. It provides a concise overview of biofeedback the treatment of vulvovaginal pain.

What to Look For in Biofeedback Treatment a checklist of features that will be found in professionally competent biofeedback therapy. Find out if you’ve really “been there, done that”.

Surface electromyographic Assisted Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation. An article co-authored by Dr. Glazer and Dr. Stanley Marinoff reviewing the diagnostic creteria for vulvodynia and vestibulitis and presenting a summary and update of Dr. Glazer’s work in pelvic floor muscle rehab.

Vulvovaginal Pain Disorders and Sexual Functioning. This article appears in the NVA Newsletter Fall, 2000 and the ICA Update, April, 2000 discussing vulvovaginal pain and sexual functioning.

No Laughing Matter. This article appears in the New York Daily News on July 7, 2001 following an episode of “sex in the city” in which one of the co-stars is diagnosed with vulvodynia.

BFE article on Biofeedback for Vulvovaginal Pain. This article appears as one in a series of Biofeedback Application articles.

Your Best Orgasm Ever. This article appears in the January 2003 edition of marie claire magazine on pages 144-156 and compares the use of different devices to monitor and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Intravaginal Surface Electromyography in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vulvovaginal Pain Disorders. This article appears in Spring 2006 edition of Biofeedback, Volume 34, Number 1, pages 12-16.

Dismissed and Undiagnosed. This article appears in the December 2, 2008 issue of the Globe and Mail Newspaper in Toronto, Canaada.