Men with Vulvodynia

If men could get vulvodynia it would be cured by now. I’m a man and if you can keep from blushing I’ll tell you my experience. I have had sex with my wife while she has had a yeast infection and yes I did have some irritation but nothing compared to the problems a woman suffers. Men can have problems with yeast but for the most part yeast favors warm ,moist places such as the vagina. As for the many symptoms and possible causes of this illness it is too broad a subject. Men get itching and skin problems, some related to hygene others to S.T.D.. Most of these are treatable. Vulvodynia is this illness with no know cause and no know cure and several different symptoms. Too bad us guys couldn’t suffer as these women, seriously. I do believe there would be more research. Stop blushing, if you suffer be brave and talk about it. Best of luck.


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