Cure for Vulvodynia

I haven’t posted for quite a while as there has not been too much new in the line of a cure for vulvodynia. I feel like you about all the different meds our doctors give us to try. I am just sick of doctors. I feel they really think it is all in our heads so they see us for a few minutes and send us on our way with a new prescription which don’t seem to do a heck of a lot for most of us. The last dr. I saw spent a whole 8 min. with me and this was my first visit to him. He handed me a prescription and when I picked it up at the pharmacy she told me that I would lose weight taking it. I probably could afford to lose a few pounds after the holidays but dam it I am looking for a med that helps chronic vulvar pain. Anyway I am extremely interested in what your PT thought would be worth a try – the superior hypogastric nerve block. I did a little research on line and learned how it is different from the pudendal nerve block. It targets a different bunch of nerves. My PT also told me that the pudendal nerve was not my problem. I was hoping that you would get a post from someone who knew something about it or better still had it done. I will ask my PT about it later this week. There just has to be something other than antidepressants. I am so glad that there are ladies out there you who want to pass on any knew info. Please post again after you have the procedure done and I pray it will be leave you pain free. Thanks again Monica. If anyone else out there that know anything about this procedure please let us know. Only if information is passed on can we find a cure for vulvodynia and I hope 2010 is the year.

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