Cause of Vulvar Pain

Sorry, forgot to add. I think that many of us are suffering from too much yeast in the body. A most likely cause of vulvar pain. Especially since most of us attest to antibiotics causing our trouble. If you have an infection, before using antibiotics, you may first want to try douching with betadine and water. It is available in the drug store.Also, our partners may be reinfecting us with yeast in the semen if one is particularly vulnerable to them (infections). The mere contact with the vulva may exacerbate symptoms.Also, to see if yeast is the cause of the vulvar pain, here are some things you may want to try: avoid sugar (candy, cakes, pies), anything with white,refined, or powdered sugar.Avoid bread, mushrooms, alcohol. Susan Doughty states, “patients with chronic yeast infections who avoid these foods for three to six months will often notice significant improvement.” Wear baggy clothing. Wear pure cotton undies, and wash them thoroughly with dye and perfume free detergents. Yeast love the moist, dark, and warm. Stay away from Lycra spandex, polyester, leather, and other fabrics that do not breathe. Don’t lay around in a wet bathing suit. Don’t douche TOO often, only when necessary. laurel


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