Men with Vulvodynia

If men could get vulvodynia it would be cured by now. I’m a man and if you can keep from blushing I’ll tell you my experience. I have had sex with my wife while she has had a yeast infection and yes I did have some irritation but nothing compared to the problems a woman suffers. Men can have problems with yeast but for the most part yeast favors warm ,moist places such as the vagina. As for the many […] Read more »

Daughter with Lichens

To the Mom whose daughter has Lichens. Ten years ago my four month daughter would not hold her head up when place on her tummy. The Dr. said she was lazy so every few days i would watch her struggle and cry. Finally at my request she was seen by a specialist who said she had S.M.A. Spinal muscular atrophy is genetic and fatal in most cases. She died just before her first birthday. I sometimes feel guilt but push […] Read more »

Diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis

I am a mom of a 12 year old girl who was diagnosed with lichen sclerosis. I am crying reading this site because I have been yelling at my daughter all these years thinking she was masturbating all the time when really the poor girl was itching. We have been to so many doctors. She has had this problem since she was an infant. When she was a baby she was rubbing against her diaper. I took her to the […] Read more »

Cause of Vulvar Pain

Sorry, forgot to add. I think that many of us are suffering from too much yeast in the body. A most likely cause of vulvar pain. Especially since most of us attest to antibiotics causing our trouble. If you have an infection, before using antibiotics, you may first want to try douching with betadine and water. It is available in the drug store.Also, our partners may be reinfecting us with yeast in the semen if one is particularly vulnerable to […] Read more »

Ox-absorb is put out by Vitaline

The ox-absorb is put out by Vitaline. They are a scan dinavian company. You cannot order directly from the website. Unless you are a licensed physician or co. However, you can contact what used to be known as L & H Vitamins. They are now The toll free number is 1-800-221-1152. It may be wise to order 2 bottles at a time. If you are like me and take up to 9 a day, it dwindles pretty quickly. Remember, […] Read more »

Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies

Read these in the Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies. Thought they might help some.”Vaginitis is basically a catch-all phrase for any kind of inflammation in thevaginal area,” says Ellen Yankauskas, M.D., director of the Women’s Center for familyHealth in Atascodero, California. “Inflammations can result from an infection, achemical irritation from douche products, spermicides or condoms or simply not havingenough estrogen.” “Women with recurring vaginitis might want to consider ausually unlikely suspect–stress.” (Susan Doughty, R.N., who is a nurse practitionerat Women […] Read more »

Bladder Burning

Regarding the bladder burning–I didn’t experience that until I took a course of Ciprofor a supposed e-coli “infection” back in June and then it went away after about a week. However, the redness and pain/burning in my vulva remained. Then I developed an EXTREMELY painful bladder infection in Oct. and had to take another antibiotic, Macrobid, to cure it. since then I have felt bladder discomfort off and on but it goes away and is never as bad as a […] Read more »

Citrate Supplements

To the person who wrote about cystitis, It seems that many women who have vulvodynia also have some symptoms of cystitis. One possible link is that both the bladder and the vulva developed from the same tissues in the fetus. My bladder burns occasionally. It all started after I took Flagyl (a powerful antibiotic) several months ago, and I think this medicine damaged my bladder. I got severe bladder burning. Over the months it has gotten better, but still now, […] Read more »

Vulva Pain since age of 12

This is the first time I have posted anything although I have visited the site often. I am 28 and have had vulva pain since about age 12. Needless to say, my life has been greatly effected by this. As I have aged the pain has gotten worse to the point that sex is impossible. This has been particularly hard for me to accept since I am single. I don’t bother to date for obvious reasons. I honestly don’t know […] Read more »


To the lady who asked about Fibromyalgia. My sister-inlaw has suffered for severalyears with this disease. She has muscle weakness and pain around the middle of her body,torso. A blood test can conferm this auto-immune illness. The difference between VulvularVestibulitis and Vulvodynia as I have read is with Vulvodynia there is visible tissuedamage such as tearing. Vestibulitis is pain associated with the Vestibule( vulva orentrance) or the vagina. Don’t let a Doctor tell you it is all in your head […] Read more »