The work of Dr. Howard Glazer has lead to the development of the first non-surgical, non-drug treatment for vulvodyina patients. Overall, women undergoing Dr. Glazer’s Biofeedback treatment report an average 80% reduction in pain. In addition, research reports that 50% of patients become completely pain free by the end of the treatment.

Many vulvodynia patients are apprehensive about trying new treatment methods and what kind of success to expect. Below you can find a collection of patient testimonials about what they experienced with Dr. Glazer and his Biofeedback method.

If you have been treated by Dr. Glazer and would like to share your experiences with others, please send your testimonial to Dr.


Dear Dr. Glazer,

I just wanted to send you a quick “thank you” for all your help. You diagnosed me with dysesthetic vulvodynia and it has been four months since I began your protocol. I have seen/felt an almost 50% improvement within that short period of time. The pelvic exercises along with your psychological observations during our follow-up discussions have truly had a positive impact on my healing. You have given me the best gift of all – hope. I am sincerely
and forever grateful.

Best Regards, Anonymous, New York



Hello Dr. Glazer,

Anne here from Ireland. Here is a brief description of my experience with Biofeedback:

I attended your workshop in October 2002 (Aged 42, mother of 12 year old twins) in Sunnybrook and Women’s Hospital in Toronto. (At that stage I had been suffering with unrelenting vulvovaginal pain for three years)

I had previously tried Elavil but this did not work for me. I was not taking any other pain medications.

On evaluation, you diagnosed me with dyesthetic vulvodynia and deemed me a suitable candidate for pelvic floor rehabilitation using biofeedback

Approx one month later I visited you in New York. My readings showed improvement in the tension levels of the pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately, my level of pain did not reflect that improvement and I remained between 6 and 10 on a pain scale.
I persisted with the biofeedback for 20 minutes twice a day and, around week 20, I experienced a diminution of the pain.
I was, by no means, cured but, at this point, I was not consumed with pain 24/7. (Average 3 – 4 on the pain scale).

Gradually, I began to have more good days than bad days with some flares.

By early 2004 my quality of life had improved considerably. As recommended by yourself at the initial evaluation I also used Estradiol.

I continued with biofeedback for a further 6 months and phased out the Estradiol.

By 2005 I used biofeedback only for flares. (Pain level around 3 at this stage)

As menopause approached and my menstrual periods became less and less frequent, the pain abated even further.

In 2008 I was practically pain free. However, unfortunately I developed Peripheral Neuropathy which affects my feet (pain and numbness) and to a lesser degree, my hands.

For this I take a mix of Tramadol and Paracetamol and Codeine.
I am currently completely pain free from Vulvodynia.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to Biofeedback, your understanding, support and contribution to my recovery.



I was a vulvodynia sufferer. Key word is “was.” My experience with intravaginal BIOFEEDBACK was remarkable. I began treatment with Dr. Glazer in 1998. I remember being so thankful for finding an article about this disease in a magazine which led me to NYC seeking help.

With Dr. Glazer’s guidance and care I was able to overcome the severe pain and discomfort that I suffered from vulvodynia. I purchased the device for home use and was determined to be diligent utilizing this therapy. It took time and patience and eventually I felt and saw improvement. I did intravaginal biofeedback for approximately 18 months. Dr. Glazer and his therapy gave me my life back and I will forever be grateful. I am also thankful for a devoted husband who supported me during this most difficult time. Biofeedback worked for me and after 14 years I can say that I am just fine.

I will never forget Dr. Glazer. He is the best!



I owe Dr. Glazer an enormous debt of gratitude for the pivotal role he played in my recovery from vestibulitis.

During the three and-a-half hours Dr. Glazer spent with me when I came to visit him in New York, I gained two critical pieces of information. The first was that my nerve cells could not experience both pleasure and pain at the same time. The second was that I should make time in my life for sexual pleasure, both with partners and by myself. This was just not in my emotional lexicon at the time.

While I did use the biofeedback machine for a couple of months, I don’t think that’s what really helped me. It’s not like I’ve been super sexually active–I think I’ve had sex about six times since I saw him. In fact, from the way I’ve recovered, I think that most of the problem must have been psychological.

The way it stands today, I have NO PAIN during intercourse. In fact, after I got the IUD inserted, I found that I had no problem with vaginal lubrication either. I’m so much back to normal now that I can insert OB tampons with no lubricant into my vagina without any pain at all. In years past, I couldn’t even imagine trying to push such a scratchy object past my vestibule. The problem hasn’t 100% disappeared. I’m sure that I’d still experience a small amount of discomfort on a Q-Tip test, but it has zero impact on my life right now.

It’s clear to me that Dr. Glazer really cares about helping his patients. I hope that he will keep on helping women like me.



I first experienced the onset of intense pelvic pain in December of 2005. After 3 painful, scary, and depressing months and many frustrating and fruitless doctors’ appointments (2 gynecologists, a urologist, and a proctologist), I was referred to a pelvic pain specialist in Mission Viejo, Ca., Dr. James E. Carter, who diagnosed me in about 3 minutes. Let me say, he also treated me for cystitis to try to cover that base as well. I immediately began intravaginal biofeedback at his office 3 times a week, 45 minutes per treatment. I also began receiving myofascial/trigger /point release sessions 3 times a week with a specialized physical therapist. I continued with the biofeedback for about 3-4 months tapering down to twice and then once a week. I continued on with the physical therapy regularly (2-3 times a week) for about a year. It is hard for me to say how much effect the biofeedback had on my recovery. I do know the physical therapy was extremely helpful because I could feel some relief almost immediately.

Sadly, my beloved Dr. Carter passed away (heart attack) in October 2006, leaving many patients such as myself grieving and very grateful for his dedication.

I continued with some physical therapy sporadically on and off depending on my pain level, which was dramatically reduced. Dr. Carter’s last words to me were that he wanted me to see a psychiatrist because of the stress, pain, depression cycle that still continued to some extent. I did go to Dr. Harold Boerlin in Irvine, Ca. and he put me on effexor and ativan, and it changed my life. Because the ativan helped me to relax I now did not have the anxiety and fear of disabling pain, because I knew I no longer had to suffer as I had before. Since taking the ativan I no longer have to go to physical therapy (actually my PT trained my husband to do some basic PT at home) which I rarely need, and today I sometimes go a week without even a twinge and without medication, and if I feel my pelvic floor tightening I can relax and breathe (I also have started yoga which has been a tremendous help), and deal with any pain which now is very manageable.



I suffered with pain, itching, and burning in my vagina for over 40 years with doctors telling me it was a yeast infection and treating me with all kinds of creams and meds. Of course, now I finally found out why they never worked. About three years ago, after years of doctors telling me I had a yeast infection, I found out about Dr. Glazer’s book (The Vulvodynia Survival Guide) and immediately ordered it. I read the book from page to page and again a second time and realized I had vulvodyna. I went to my doctor and saw a female nurse practitioner and explained all my systems to her. She did the q-tip test on me and boy was I in pain. She sent me for biofeedback, which I did for about 4 months and with the meds she gave (amtriptyline, 50 mg. and gabipentin, 600 mg.) that saved my life. I have not had any pain or burning except for itching once in awhile. I think the biofeedback saved my life.



I first saw you a couple of years ago for treatment of my vagina pain. I had really bad pain with touch, tight pants, tampons, and especially sex, which I gave up on completely. After 5 doctors treated me for infections, skin problems and nerve problems, I tried acupuncture and a chiropractor, but nothing helped. Finally I found you on the web. You spent about 2 hours with me on the first office visit. You were the only doctor who talked to me and my partner in detail about sex . I did your treatments as you told me for about 6 months and I got about 70% better . Sometimes I went for several days without pain. After another 3 months without any more improvement you told me that you thought we had reached the end of my treatment with you . I was really disappointed and I did not want to go back to medicines and wouldn’t consider surgery. So, I just kept doing what I was doing under your treatment. It took almost 9 more months, but I did get completely pain free and have been like that for 6 months now. You gave me back my life and I just wanted you to know that if other patients get stuck for a while without getting any better, don’t give up on them so quick. Keep trying, it worked for me..

J.P. London, England



Dr. Glazer, I want to say thank you for an effective alternative for women living with vulvar pain. Your frank, yet easy going nature allowed for us to discuss vulvar pain in a way I hadn’t talked about with many people. It was scary to be diagnosed with vulvar vastibulitis. I didn’t want surgery and I didn’t want to live with this pain. From working with you I got that my intimate relationship with my boyfriend (now husband) can look any way we want it to. I am also able to wear jeans and thongs again! A lot of women deal with this or similar issues around sex and intimacy, and now I am able to talk about it openly and impact their lives. Just knowing there are alternatives to surgery and medicine has given me peace of mind. Thank you for caring about me and all your patients!!!